Welcome to Lucien's webstore Stars City; the site strives to provide his clients with custom designs, headers, graphics, site services and everything else required to open a graphics site at a fair price. Here are a few examples of the kind of work I can do; to see more, check my small folio page...and if you want something, pick your poison ehm, package and order. :)

the city of stars

I wish I could tell you Stars City was born because my skills are so good I can make good money from them; even an opening due to monetary needs would be better than the actual reason...but it's not like at all - my skills are pretty much subpar, compared to other designers'.
It was simpy a me too, me too situation after I kept seeing so many cool web stores offering even cooler resources; so, I thought long and hard about the right name, came out with a final trio and went with Stars City, registered on italian registrar Register.it. The host had already been chosen while thinking names, and Stars City came alive on BuyShared's service. ♥

Webmaster :: Lucien • My email
Domain :: Register.it.
Hosting :: BuyShared.
Open Since :: July 14, 2016.
Best view :: Firefox & Chrome with 1366x768 resolution or higher.

Dead cities

All Stars City's previous looks, from newest to oldest.

City gates

Here are some 88x31 credit/affie buttons to link Stars City.