Welcome to Lucien's webstore Stars City; the site strives to provide his clients with custom designs, headers, graphics, site services and everything else required to open a graphics site at a fair price. Here are a few examples of the kind of work I can do; to see more, check my small folio page...and if you want something, pick your poison ehm, package and order. :)

Order Form

Send your order via email to Lucien @ Gmail, with the title Stars City Order and containing the following "form".

YOUR NAME :: Your name - or web name.
YOUR EMAIL :: Valid email (Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail - no TLD email or PM on social).
WEBSITE (Optional) :: Your eventual site (No Facebook or Tumblr account).
CHOSEN PACKAGE :: Desired package, indicated by their respective number (ex.: Package #01+#08+#14, etc.).
CHOSEN SERIES :: ....Or the urls of the images I've to use - a blank space will mean everything's at my discretion.
CHOSEN PALETTE :: Eventual color scheme of your choice - if you leave this blank, colors will be at my discretion.
ORDER DETAILS :: Describe your idea with as many details as possible.

Once I receive the email, I'll contact you to talk about the payment and the ETA date.