..to Lucien's webstore Stars City, who offers his clients everything they need to open their first blog and/or anime graphics website.
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New (working) look

Hi there guys, how's going? ^.^I'm finally changing look to Stars City....and this time the layout works as it should - meaning the orders list doesn't fu*k up the sidebar. xD

To go into details, SDC's version 2.0 is div design called Gorgeous Dylan (based, as I recently tend to, on a premade stylesheet) featuring a fuchsia and purple scheme and Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner series' star Dylan O'Brien - he's one of my two latest obessions, I watch every movie or shows he's in religiously; the premade was inspired by a set of renders I saw on a beautiful resources site called Infuse, and it took me about 20-30 minutes to mesh them with the object pngs into this header...which is kind of a miracle for me since collage headers usually take me double the time, so I'm very proud of the result.
The layout is not anime-themed - which is a bit of nonsense since Stars City is an anime graphics webstore - but I really couldn't find any anime pngs or images inspiring me, so I went with this.

Aside from that, I added a small Donate button because my PayPal account is negative due to a chargeback that happened in March - and still boggles my mind since the chargebacked transaction went smoothly, the buyer confirmed me she didn't launch any chargeback and even the email attached to that payment is long gone - so I need money until I'll get time to go the bank and add some money to my card. Thank you very much to anyone who'll donate even a cent.

Have to go now, as I wanna do a MCU pseudo-marathon; I say pseudo because I'm not watching all the movies in a row, but I plan to "complete the universe" in a couple of days.
See you on next entry; take care, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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CMS (forced) switch

Hi there everybody, how's going? ^.^
This is a quick entry....that I didn't want to make but I had to: a few days ago Cutenews started spewing 500 Internal Server Errors; I tried everything short of contacting my host - but they would have just done the same as me, as 500 I.S.E. are nasty and pretty much impossible to solve - but nothing helped, and I was forced to switch to another blogging script.

Aside from that, I had planned to upload a new look for SCD but the premade I had made didn't counted in the ever-growing list of order on the side....so I had to trash it; I'll try making a new one soon, so wait for a new design coming soon.

Have to go now, because there are a couple of movie DVDs I wanna watch; see you all next time.
Take care guys, and have a very wonderful week. ♥

Posted on 03.21.2017 | 0 stars in the city

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