Welcome to Lucien's webstore Stars City; the site strives to provide his clients with custom designs, headers, graphics, site services and everything else required to open a graphics site at a fair price. Here are a few examples of the kind of work I can do; to see more, check my small folio page...and if you want something, pick your poison ehm, package and order. :)

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Packages changes (again)

Hi there, it's been a while ^^;;;;;
I'm finally updating again....I should've done it way earlier - with the virus and all that I had a lot more time to work on my sites - but an excuse led to another excuse and I ended up procrastinating to another day each time. That day is today, so let's start by talking about the new look.

Version 7.0 is called simply Daisy from the name of the titular actress featured in the header; said header was purchased on Cherry Gem Design, a wonderful webstore for custom fansite designs that I recommend you visit - the designs are extremely high quality and gorgeous, the prices are fair and you also have some premade works to choose from. I fell in love with the header the moment I saw it, and the fact that I was able to buy it still makes me giddy. *giggles*

But now onto the main news: I decided to remove all the Wordpress packages; since my Wp skills are very basics, any Wordpress commission would be in no way up to par with the rest of my packages and as such it doesn't feel right to me to keep offering something that I know will be of a much lower quality. So let's say bye bye to anything Wordpress, although a couple of those packages was replaced with brand new ones - more precisely, I added a fansite header package and a new full site one. Go check them out, and let me know what you think. n.n

Have to go now because it's almost dinner time and I have to help my mom with prepping it; see you all on next entry.
Take care guys, have a wonderful week and stay safe and stay at home. ♥

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Important news!!

[EDITED ON 10.17.2019] Just a quick edit to let you know I'm not dead, orders are open....and to show you the Halloween's theme for the site, a div layout featuring a demonic (literally xD) firey girl. I'll write a proper update soon, but right time I'm in a hurry; see you soon. Take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

[EDITED ON 12.17.2018] Sorry for being M.I.A. for so long, but the site isn’t dead nor abandoned. Quite the contrary: I plan to make a few changes to the packages (both addition and removals), so stay tuned. Take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hi there everybody, whassup? ^.^
It's been a while, but I'm finally updating Stars City with a new look...though this is not the reason why I'm updating; but let's talk the new layout first.

Version 5.0 is a simple dark-blue and gray divs design called Daniel, featuring titular actor Daniel Radcliffe; I fell in love with the header the moment I saw it on Sellfy, so I bought it and waited until I had a worthy premade for it...though the current design is not exactly a premade, but a layout I coded myself inspired from various fansite themes I saw. I hope you like it, but either way feedback is love. n.n

Now for the reason of the update, and as the title says, I have big news: I decided to increase the webstore prices; I wanted to stay cheap, but I cannot undervalue my works and skills either. That's why, after a couple of months of thinking about it, all prices have been upped of a couple of dollars each; I'm sorry for this to you sudden change, but I really felt it needed to be done.

The rules were also updated - and I might do that without letting you know, so you should check them every time you plan to place an order.

Have to go now, because I wanna finish watch the second season of Jason Momoa's "Frontier" (I only have two episodes left); see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

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